My travel history

I was brought up on lots of holidays away from home.  As a family we covered the whole of New Zealand’s Mainland (the South Island), and added Stewart Island on one trip – the latter a rugged and magical place that I’ve visited several times since.

As a young adult my first overseas trip was to Australia for a mix of business and pleasure, and I’ve returned several times since.  The Sunshine Coast area of Queensland is a favourite.

In the mid-1980s my now ex-husband and I took off on a round-the-world flight – a ten-week trip to Hawaii, Los Angeles, London, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

Since then I’ve been back for three weeks in Hawaii, covering three of the islands, and a mainland USA trip with my young son and my mother where we visited LA, and spent two weeks with my American penpal in Minnesota, who I had been writing to since we were 11 years old.

In more recent years I’ve enjoyed holidays to Bali and Vanuatu, the latter as a honeymoon trip with my wonderful new husband, Nigel.

In 2013 Nigel and I sold most of our belongings, put the remainder in a 10-foot container, and flew off to the UK and Europe, committed to six months of work exchange, but not knowing if we’d return home after that or if we’d stay longer.  Six months became three an a half years full of amazing experiences, including trips to Morocco, Malta, Sicily, France, mainland Italy, Switzerland and Greece.

On our way home we stopped off for three weeks in India, to attend my niece’s wedding and to visit a few of the highlights of this huge and amazing country.

We’re back home in New Zealand without a home and without jobs.  We returned to be near family, so here we are, living with them until we have an income which will support a home …. and our next travelling adventure.  Meanwhile we’re trying to make the most of living in a lovely part of New Zealand – Nelson.

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