Travelling India by Train

In 2016 we spent three amazing weeks in India.  We flew in and out of New Delhi and took one domestic flight, but all other long-distant travel we undertook by train, including several overnight trips.

Flying’s an obvious option, but isn’t cheap and means you miss out on all the other experiences you’ll be exposed to using land-based travel.  We had considered hiring a car and driver, which we decided was also too expensive for us.  We decided to not use buses because neither of us likes being trapped in a cramped seat for hours on end.  Train travel appeared to be the most suitable option for us, and we both enjoy travelling by train.

Bear in mind that for most tourist trips to India you’ll be considering travelling huge distances – it’s a very big country!  Travelling by overnight train seemed like an obvious choice for us as it would also save us money on accommodation.

But it’s not like jumping on a French TGV!

If you’re considering travelling by train in India there is a wealth of information available online, sme of it excellent and some much less so.  I’ve written my first paid-for article about our experiences, which has recently been published on – just click on the link if you’d like to read it – the article will open in a new tab.

In my article I cover tips on security, food, toilets, delays, and more.  I do hope you find it helpful!

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